★The Veryberries Series★International reservation★

 This is the notice for the international reservation of the Veryberries Series beginning 10 PM on April 2nd (Wednesday) in KST. We will update the model cuts soon. Meanwhile, please refer to the photos in the series album:

 Please read the following information carefully before ordering. 


 ★OP - 240USD (Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Highwaist JSK - 235USD (Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★2-way Blouse - 98USD (Including the PayPal Fee) / With JSK or OP - 95USD

 ★Straw hat(Limited) - 55USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Wired Kachusha - 48USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Bow Pin Set - 35USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Lace Wrist Band - 28USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Original fabric - 40USD per yard(Including the PayPal Fee) 

 ★Original Mug(Pink) - 15USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 ★Original Pouch(Veryberries/Little girl) - 16USD(Including the PayPal Fee)

 *Special Reservation Gift*

 If you reserve an OP or JSK, you get a special gift pouch. The pouch is gifted for each OP/JSK.

 *Shipping Fee*

 -US/Canada: 30USD

 -Europe: 35USD

 -Asia: 25USD

 -The others: Depends on the regions

 -If you purchase a mug or pouch only, the shipping will be slightly less than above.

 *OP Details*

 -Colors: Lemon/Blue/Black

 -Sizes: SM/LXL

 [OP SM]

 Bust 85cm~95cm 

 Waist 68cm~75cm 

 Bodice Length 32cm

 Skirt Length 60cm(Includes lace)


 Bust 96cm~102cm 

 Waist 76cm~84cm

 Bodice Length 35cm

 Skirt Length 60cm(Includes lace)

 *Highwaist JSK Details*

 -Colors: Lemon/Blue/Black

 -Sizes: SM/LXL


 Bust 84cm~95cm 

 Waist 78cm~89cm 

 Bodice Length 32cm (Shoulder strap about 42cm)

 Skirt Length 70cm


 Bust 96cm~102cm 

 Waist 90cm~101cm

 Bodice Length 34cm (Shoulder strap about 42cm)

 Skirt Length 70cm

 *JSK & OP Material*

 -Shell Fabric: Polyester 100%(Same fabric with ‘The Basilica at night series’ Very soft and light)

 -Inner Lining: 100% Polyester

 *JSK & OP Care Instruction*

 Cold Water Hand Wash/Delicate/Dry Clean

 (Please use cold water in case of water wash to prevent stains caused by the ribbon.)

 *2-way Blouse Details*

 -Colors: White/Lemon/Skyblue/Black

 -Sizes: S/M/L/XL

 Maximum Bust/Waist

 S: 89cm/75cm

 M: 96cm/82cm

 L: 103cm/89cm

 XL: 110cm/96cm

 -Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester(Very soft and cool)


 Reservation: 10 PM, April 2, 2014 in KST - 10PM, April 14, 2014 in KST

 Production: April 15, 2014 - May 19, 2014

 Shipping: May 20, 2014 - May 26, 2014

 (Will not be later than this period. More details will be announced through Facebook and Tumblr.)


 Order form - Please copy/paste and fill out below and send to 

 ** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances - all orders are final**

 1. Last name / First name

 2. Postal address

 3. Zip code and country

 4. Contact phone number

 5. Order Details





 (If you order more than 1 item, please repeat the information for each piece, including any accessories.)

 7. PayPal account email

 (Please ensure your PayPal shipping address matches the address provided above - 

 due to PayPal’s TOS, Lief can only ship items out to the PayPal address. Thank you for your understanding.)

 8. Additional comments


 Thank you very much for your order.